Tutoring with
Gina Davis 



Quotes What's most significant to me is the fact that your instruction has transformed her into someone with confidence in her own math ability and who is able to assist her friends. She no longer tells me that she "Hates Math" as she did from grades 2 - 6! Thank you very much for everything you?ve done to help her. She looks forward to her time spent with you. Quotes

Quotes He got his SAT scores back and he scored an 800 on the math section. We were all really excited, and I know that your work with him made a difference. Thank you! Quotes
North Crowley Mom

Quotes I just wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with her PSAT score. We really have to thank you for her math score--you've been a miracle worker! Quotes

Quotes He was happy with his PSAT score and so were we. I feel like your help may have made the difference between him making the [National Merit Finalist] cut off and not. Quotes